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Starting as a young entrepreneur from the Bronx, NY, I have been granted the ability to grow into a boutique production company. Using the past decade, we have grown our portfolio from music videos to short films to mini documentaries.
At AHCP, we make sure all of our projects are unique towards our clients, creating any environment is one of our greatest attributes.

Our cinematography speaks for itself, we also film aerial footage as well to reach unimaginary angles. Our goal at AHCP is to bring your vision to fruition. We believe in transforming the stories of your brand into visual greatness.

We provide high quality video production services that elevate your vision.


Music Videos

We work with all genres and on an international basis. Using your vision with our visual expertise and production experience, we create music videos that are true to your brand, artistry and nothing short of professional quality.

Contact us today to get your project started.

Post Production

Full editing, color correction, sound mixing, original music composition and recording. We have complete quality control over the editing process and quick turnaround times. Our seven step process dots all of our "i"s and crosses all of our "t"s.

Drone Operation

We provide aerial footage from our drone operators at a fraction of the cost and time of other drone production companies. Contact us today to learn how we can showcase your business from the air with our drone videography services.


Storytelling is an art that we have mastered. Focused content and stellar visuals is what makes our work incomparable! Our video production company is committed to help advertising teams and brands to achieve their goals.


Loved them! Very creative, professional with reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

Not only did we have a lot of fun making the video, but we were more than pleased with the finished product! An excellent service!


A professional company from the start. The entire team was a pleasure to work with.

The most important part was the immediate response from the team. Our requests were always met. Highly recommend AHCP!


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